My name is James Richard Bryant II.  I hold a Master’s of philosophy with an emphasis on systemic philosophy, and I find that the logical frameworks, social conditions, and the history of influences can greatly determine whole schools of philosophy. My undergraduate studies were primarily focused on social and political philosophy, and this choice was motivated by a belief that these areas, which are of such significant importance to our daily lives, are greatly under-rated and under-represented outside of the academic community and a desire to change this.  I also earned a minor in economics as, in my opinion, economic concerns are inseparable from social and political concerns.  Other areas in which I am well versed are ethics, morality, and values.  These are topics that I find intellectually stimulating and particularly interesting themselves, but more so, they are areas of enormous significance when considering how societies should be organized and function.  Because what I intend to accomplish is a normative philosophy, every claim and assertion that I make must be thoroughly and exhaustively justified.  This is a challenge that will probably take the rest of my life, and one that may quite possibly go unfinished long after I have turned to dust; but also one well worth the time, energy, and effort.

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