This is a collection of works written by James R. Bryant II.  In an effort to pursue academic excellence for myself and to promote the exchange of ideas among my fellow scholars, this site will be available as reference material to any who wish to take advantage of the collected wealth of information. I encourage any student or professor to cite the material presented on this website, but I also expect a mutual commitment to truthfulness, integrity, and responsibility in the employment and use of this collection.

This site will also facilitate several other functions.  Chiefly, this will serve as a venue for amalgamating my personal, political, and philosophical views into a single cohesive message.  The primary goal that I would like to achieve with this endeavor is to make clarifications on issues that are hotly contested and/or still considered up for debate.  Also, this space will serve as a virtual punching bag for yours truly, so as to vent the frustrations that plague the mind of an individual unfulfilled and uninspired by a society fixated on meaningless progress and productivity.  Other functions of the site will manifest themselves as the project develops organically and therefore need not be explicitly mentioned here.